Maxsell 50i Turbo Money Counter

Usage/Application BanksModel Name/Number BanksMachine Type counting machine
  • Detects Super Fake Notes while counting itself.
  • Auto Selection of I Scan detection feature for Rs. 1000 & Rs. 500 denomination
  • All Denominations of Indian rupees with Value Count, Sorting Function & also Free Count function.
  • Displays total value and also the Sub-total with denomination breakup
  • Automatic counting, batch pre-setting and adding function.
  • Support RS-232 or USB surface to download Future software upgrades
  • Innovative Touch screen keypad with backlit.
  • Back lit Graphical LCD Display with User friendly information
  • Detect double-note, chained note and half note.
  • With optional external display
  • Optional Printer to take the Print out of Denomination Breakup – Makes it easy for attaching denomination details for cash received.